Feel the upper peninsula ..Camp at Milford..

Beat the rush,stay outdoor and enjoy michigan’s country this weekend.

Camp @ camp dearborn //1700 General Motors Rd, Milford, MI 48380

Bring in your RV/ trailer homes and enjoy camping in this riverfront site. This public camp ground has a $8 entry fee per vehicle. Put up your tents,camp in your own mobile homes or rent a riverfront rustic cabin for the weekend. Play golf in the well maintained golf course and enjoy the newly added 1400ft zipline this summer. Fish for a bass or trout,swim in the sandy beach and grill a delicious lunch.

Bike along the Milford trail

Give your little ones their own bike or strap them to their seats and enjoy this beautiful 3.5mile ride through Milford village,go round the Milford dam to kensington-metropark(The trail ends at the entrance of the park. Near the dairy queen)

Picnic@ Hubble pond park// the intersection of s milford and general motors rd.

This dam on The Huron river has been the forever hangout for the locals and she did a good job hiding herself to the rest of michiganders, until now. The Milford trail, running through this place is the only way to explore the place.Pack your backpacks,bike/walk the trail and dissolve into the calmness of the place. Bird watch with your little ones and spot native birds in their natural habitat. Spend some quiet time fishing and launch your paddlers,gear up for your ride on the river.

Kayak The Huron river

Launch your kayak from the milford dam and enjoy kayaking for a short distance of 2.5 miles to island lake state park or kensington-metropark. This entire trail runs 104 mile from Rapids, Delhi to Ann arbor and is a treat to adventure lovers. It offers a variety of paddling experiences like kayaking, canoeing and fly fishing.

Summer concert@ LaFontaine amphitheater // Central Park, Milford village

Picnic in this 12 acre Park, enjoy the scenic beauty of Huron river and Pettibone creek. Pay tribute at the veterans memorial and catch up a summer concert every Thursday at 7.30pm.

Other activities//play structure, tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts.

Craft beer @River’s edge

Enjoy the local craft beer straight from the tap, in this classic microbrewery facing the Huron river.This brewery’s distinct location is a huge draw for locals and visitors.

Shop @Milford farmers market

Visit this summer market right down the corner and pick some flowers or fresh produce.


Spring fever-picnic time.

Our spring adventure this year started with a Sunday afternoon picnic to the kensington metropark milford. Kensington-metropark is a all seasons beauty which attracts people of all ages year around. There is a one time entry fee of $10 per entry per car or an annual pass for $35. With two outdoor savvy kids I prefer the annual pass which is more economical.

This Sunday afternoon we chose Martindale Beach for our picnic. We enjoyed our pizza from benitos pizza, south lyon basking in the warmth and staring at the ripples the wind made on the quiet lake. There were quiet a few people kayaking on the lake.

Nothing wrong with this shabby chic, clean picnic shelter facing the lake, but we chose to picnic more closer to lake. We gobbled our pizza slices as quickly as possible since it was windy and we had a hard time holding our paper plates. As time passed, by 1.30pm the wind slowed down and the temperature was perfect to run around and have fun. My 4 yr old started riding his balance bike and didn’t wanna stop until we forced him to play on the swing instead. Everything around the place so elegantly peeks into the lake. So that you never miss the glaze of water in every step you take. This is my favorite thing about the place.The clear sky and the mild sunshine was a delight to watch.

The small sandy beach and water was all set to be explored for the season. We admired the beauty of the kent lake and got lost in its calm. The beach was so serene with only a few people scattered around. The ice cold water touching our feet was sharp on the skin.The splash park on the beach is a huge draw for young families during summer. It has an entry fee and I’m not sure of the price.

This is a good start for the season and I wish to carry this good vibe all through Michigan’s sunshine and wanna post all our mini adventures.. 😉

Sleding – The incredible family outdoor

The snowy winters in Michigan is always a delight not only to watch but also to be out in the wild. What’s the fun in staying indoors when there is 10 inch snow inviting us out?? A Costco sled and a reasonable size slope in heritagepark farmington, MI can just make a wonderful afternoon for your family. Be out in the wild and enjoy Michigan as it’s meant to be..

Heritage Park

Kensington metropark
This baby slope in kensington-metropark just stole my 15months old’s heart this was her first time out in the snow. What an incredible way to start her 1st experience in the wild. This is the baby slope that’s right just the starter, just one-tenth of the bigger slope where all the parents have their share of fun.

.. Well Michigan is one of those places where you have your once in a lifetime experience just a stone’s throw away….

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